Residential Buyer Strategies

Buying a primary residence is a four step process, which the most successful buyers approach in a specific order:

1)  Budget and Financing

Are you paying cash or financing your purchase?  Working with your lender or financial advisor to determine your budget will not only affect the type and size of property you will buy, but also the zip code and neighborhood you search in.
2)  Community

Once your price range is determined, buyers should focus on the right community for their situation.  Remember, we don't just live in a property, we live, work, socialize, and play in the areas surrounding our home.
3)  Finding the Right Property

Now that you've chosen the right community, it is time to get busy finding the right property.  Only after determining the budget and community can the best home for your situation be found.
4)  Negotiation

Once you found the right home, it is time to negotiate the best price & terms for your home.  Determining market value, inventory demand studies, and listening to the seller to find ways to add value during this process all matter in terms of both getting accepted and achieving the right price.  As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), this is an area in which Mark specializes.