About Christy McCarthy

A native of northern Illinois, Christy’s Mom was a farmer, Dad is a roofer and Aunt Donnie was a decorator. Collaboratively, she knows about working hard, measuring twice and appreciating a loved home.

While in her undergrad in business, Christy started to dream of utilizing her roots and inspiring people through making a house a home.  She switched her degree to interior design and attended the Harrington School of Design in Chicago, IL.

In 2006 not only did Christy start living and loving Jacksonville, FL, but also started Interiors Revitalized.  This is where she has had the wonderful experience to bring her humble beginnings to people of all walks of life, even though admittedly she leans a little more modern.  Christy and her team of designers are experts in creating spaces a buyer wants to see.

Staging a home range from de-cluttering and movement of a seller's own furniture, to an entire home package, and everything in between.  While not every home is a prime candidate for home staging, there are proven benefits to her program:

  • Staging costs less than a price reduction.
  • Statistics prove that staged homes on average sell for 3-10% higher than un-staged homes.
  • Statistics also show that staged homes sell 2 to 3 times faster.