Professional Pricing Evaluations

No single service is more valuable for buyers or sellers than a professional pricing analysis.

For sellers, pricing of a home is first and foremost a marketing tool.  An overpriced home is telling buyers the seller has unrealistic expectations, while a home priced below market can leave money on the table.  Getting pricing right, and right the first time, is crucial when trying to get the highest sales price for your property.

For buyers, automated online home values are interesting to look at, but only a customized professional valuation report will give you the actual market value of a property.  More accurate than conventional appraisals, our industry leading home pricing analysis will show you what a home most likely will sell for, adjusted to today's market conditions and demand ratio.

Mark uses the most advanced valuation development system available, incorporating market heat maps, multi-layered comparable property adjustments, demand ratio, and property improvement values to develop the most likely market scenario for each property.