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Ragtime Tavern Happy Hour...All Day Every Day!


Ragtime Tavern Savings No Coupon Required

Ragtime Tavern is an institution in the Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach Town Center.  Easily the largest restaurant and bar, it features live music, and three different venues within the facility to lounge, laugh, eat and drink.  Locals call it "The Corner", as it sits on the corner of Atlantic and Ocean, one block from the beach.

If you are like me, you like to get out with friends and have a good time, and also look for deals and ways to do so while saving money.  Now, when I go to Ragtime, I save on every purchase, every day, up to 27% off the entire bill, no matter what time of day or what you order.  Well, this is among the easiest and best deals I've found to save money at a restaurant, and it never requires coupon clipping or getting the server to enter a membership number or anything like that.  Your savings happens automatically!

There are a few easy steps to get started with your own personal Ragtime "Happy Hour", but once you set things up, you just set it and forget it.

Step 1)  Many of you may already participate in what is called the Rewards Network, more commonly known to give airline miles when dining at restaurants who participate in the program.  My favorite flavor of this program is at as it offers 5% cash back for dining.  It takes a LONG time to get enough miles for quality reward airline tickets, but after just $20 in earnings from idine, you get a debit card in the mail good to use as you like, and not just for dining!  Use it at the grocery store, hair salon, or anywhere American Express cards are welcome.  Register the Visa card you like to use most for dining.

Step 2)  Log in to your Uber app.  Swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and you will see the option to instantly join the Visa Rewards network.  You need at least one Visa card linked to your Uber account to have this option appear.  Go ahead, add your Visa, then wait 5 minutes and try again, it should appear when you swipe up.  PRO TIP:  Make sure to register the Visa card you typically earn the most with when dining, as this is the card you must use to get the Uber cash back at Ragtime Tavern.  Yes, this credit will go in to your Uber account and can be used toward your next ride.  Uber Visa Rewards Savings 7%.

Step 3)  Register for Dosh.  Dosh is an app that gives cash back for everyday purchases, so you should expect to get some bonus bucks at other places not named Ragtime.  If you use this link, you'll get a $5 bonus and I will get a $5 bonus as a thank you for referring you to the app. $5 Dosh Link  Once you download the app, register the same card you did for iDine and Uber.  Dosh savings at Ragtime 5%

Step 4)  Register for the Pei app.  Just like Dosh, it is a card linked program that delivers cash back at store locations around the country.  Just like with Dosh, my link will give you $5 for registering, and I'll receive a $5 bonus as a thank you but you need to enter my referral code "v3as6a" for it to work.  $5 Pei Link  The GREAT thing about Pei, is that it offers between 5-10% back at Ragtime Tavern.  When I looked right now, it was offering 10% on your entire bill!  Pei App savings at Ragtime 5-10%.  Pei is great as it also offers cashback at Wallgreens and CVS on anything you purchase, so there will be bonus bucks in your account and you won't need to do anything more!  A little hack I use at CVS is to pay my health insurance bill there.  CVS and Pei gives me a $5 cashback bonus when doing so.  

Savings Summary:  5% iDine cash, 5% Dosh cash, 5-10% Pei cash and 7% Uber cash = up to 27% cash back on on every purchase, every day!  It is like always have a secret happy hour any time you want! 

Regarding cashing out of the different programs, I just log in to my apps a few times per year and send the accumulated cash I have to my paypal account.  It is easy and seamless.  iDine just sends you a debit card when you hit the $20 mark, and Uber cash is super easy to use in app as a form of payment on your next ride.

Now that you have done the background work, you don't need to do anything else except enjoy yourself and your new free cash back during your next visit to The Corner.  Enjoy!

Are we in 2019 housing bubble?


Experts: Can’t have a bubble with under-supply of homes


NEW YORK – Feb. 15, 2019 – Some housing experts argue that the housing market isn't heading toward another bust – it's still feeling the impact of the last one.

Instead of an oversupply of homes, they stress that not enough homes are being built, and that's pushing prices up to levels that exclude many Americans from homeownership.

"We are underhoused," says Zillow senior economist Aaron Terrazas.

Among other things, the home shortage is aggravated by low unemployment, which is making it hard to hire construction workers, and not-in-my-backyard zoning rules exacerbate the issue of an already small pool of construction-ready lots.

Tight supply and a subsequent boost in home prices have made homeownership out of reach in some cities, like Manhattan, where the median condo price has hit about $1 million. Even outside of the United States, there has not been much speculative building, says UBS Global Wealth Management's Jonathan Woloshin.

"Nobody asked the question back during the bubble, 'What would happen if prices went down?'" Woloshin says. "Better questions are being asked today."

Dangerous practices like no-documentation loans have been ended through tighter regulation, making it harder for people to buy houses. However, only 1 percent of lenders surveyed recently by Fannie Mae blamed tight standards for credit and underwriting for the weakness in sales – 48 percent cited "insufficient supply."

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek (02/11/19) Coy, Peter

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